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TaTa-Nisha Frazier has navigated mental health and substance use recovery for over 10 years. Her lived experience has granted her the opportunity to work with others navigating their own recovery process.  As a Certified Peer Specialist in Mental Health (CPS-MH) and Addiction (CPS-AD) TaTa-Nisha, has enjoyed working in the Behavioral Health field, which has been challenging and rewarding.  This has empowered her to live her life with intention.  The evolution of her journey has brought great benefits to her life, and she now facilitates transformational processes in the Mental Health and Addiction recovery field of Behavioral Health. Her “why” and hope is to support others working to continue finding meaning and purpose in their own lives.


TaTa-Nisha is a respected and powerful speaker who has traveled nationally to deliver a message of hope.  As an accomplished facilitator, TaTa-Nisha is a certified trainer in Cultural Competency, Intentional Peer Support (IPS)Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)Whole Health Action Management (WHAM), and Peer Zone. Her passion for helping others find meaning and purpose has evolved into coaching other recovery coaches, facilitation, and training.

After traveling for a few years, TaTa-Nisha has found a need to support treatment programs, students, youth, individuals experiencing reentry, Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist (CARES), and a broad base of behavioral health employees in Professional Development and Self-empowerment; this passion comes from having numerous phone calls with peers needing a listening ear and a way to process out challenging situations and to help with understanding how to handle situations with a level of diplomacy and tact professionally.  This skill set comes from learning the lessons behind making mistakes and being afraid to speak her truth. During her ongoing development, she has acquired professional skills and has embraced her natural ability to help others.


Her business venture, Prevention With Intention, LLC (PWI), is a self-care and prevention engagement company for Behavioral health workers focusing on, Recovery Coaches and Certified Peer Specialists.  This is a professional development process designed to teach soft skills, empower a workforce and strengthen recovery coaches to define, develop and design recovery plans for health and wellness within the role of a recovery coach. So it's self-care and prevention within the profession of behavioral health. As TaTa-Nisha embarks on this continuing journey of wellness and recovery, you are invited to join her on this inspiring road to being better together and reaching your full potential.

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